5 Specialty Call Cords (pillow speakers) acute care facilities should always have on-hand

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Onward to our top 5 Specialty Call Cords/Pillow Speakers:

Often, customers will call asking if we can provide a specialty call cord (or pillow speaker) that will accommodate a patient with special needs in an acute care environment.  Unfortunately, these particular items are not stock items and the lead times can be a week to 20 days out for delivery depending on the type and manufacturer.  This poses a problem not only for us, because we want to provide our customers with the best in service, but to the healthcare facility trying to meet the needs of their patient.

How can a healthcare facility provide the kind of exceptional service they are dedicated to delivering when a patient has no way to call for assistance?  Simply put – they can’t.

Without the proper equipment for movement-restricted patients, HCAHPS scores will not accurately reflect the quality of service a patient is receiving because that patient could not communicate their need for nursing assistance.  Reliable and effective communication is the key component to excellent patient relationships.

We recommend that each facility unit or floor purchase a “kit” that includes one of each (or an appropriate selection of your choice) of the following 5 most often requested specialty call cords with adapters.  Having these specialty items readily available when presented with a patient that may have a need for an alternative pillow speaker, can make a world of difference to that patient and the staff caring for them.  Here is a brief description and visual representation of our top 5:

  1. Geriatric Call Cord – Latex free, this device only requires slight pressure to activate a call to the nursing staff. A great solution for those patients who have limited manual dexterity.
  1. E-Z Call/Tent Call – Ultra-sensitive touch plate for severely restricted patients allowing them to activate the plate with their head or foot with minimal movement and pressure.
  1. Pad Call – Large surface, 3.5” pad, safe for oxygen rich environments and latex free. This device is air activated for minimal pressure and ease of use.  It features a non-skid base and security clip to keep it in place.
  1. Press Call – Latex-free bulb activates with slight pressure. The right solution for arthritis or limited range hands to call a nurse.
  1. Breath Call – Activates with a slight puff of air for the most severely restricted patients. Oxygen safe clamps to headboard or bed rail.  Choose from three different models – each comes with 12 mouthpieces and filters.

Finally, 10-pin Y adaptors are necessary for each specialty call cord so that standard pillow speakers still function as designed for the comfort of patients, visitors, and others.  Standard pillow speaker functions include the ability to change entertainment options on the TV, volume control, mute, emergency call, etc.

Comm-Tronics will be happy to put together a handy “kit” of Specialty Call Cords – one of each of the 5 listed here, or any number/grouping you choose specifically for the needs of your unit, floor or facility.  Costs will vary depending on options chosen.  If you have any questions on Specialty Call Cords, please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us a line.  We’re here to help make your job easier.

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