Comm-Tronics Offers Impeccable Nurse Call Service

nurse call service

A modern nurse call system helps your care facility to function smoothly with day-to-day tasks.

Welcome back to this week’s installment of the HYPHEN blog! We wanted to take a moment this week to turn a spotlight to our staff and the services we offer related to nurse call.

Nurse call, as you no doubt know, is an integral part of any acute care or elder care facility. It improves the quality of care and can even integrate into purposeful rounding. We know the value of a quality nurse call system; that’s why we put so much effort into providing the highest level of service when installing and servicing our nurse call systems.

Nurse Call Service at Comm-Tronics

At Comm-Tronics, we offer a variety of products for the healthcare industry. So, what is our number one product? It’s service. Because no matter what product we are installing or maintaining for you, we will always be friendly, helpful, on time, and accurate.

When it comes to nurse call, we offer both installation and maintenance with an annual service contract. We want everyone who uses our nurse call systems to immediately feel comfortable and at ease adjusting to their new system. Which is why we offer routine training, super user training and administrative training once your nurse call system has been installed.  The adjustment period is often the most difficult thing to overcome when transitioning to a new technology. To ensure your comfort, we do quality work from the start and are always on call whenever you need us.


What is great technology without an equally great staff? The dedication and skill of our employees are what makes them the foundation of our company. Our staff members are all local to Baltimore, Washington, Northern Virginia, and Delaware. These aren’t people we fly in to impersonally manage your systems and then send you a bill. Our employees live in your communities, use the services of your facilities.  We are your neighbors. Serving the healthcare facilities in their own communities is what makes our employees so caring, dedicated, and easy to work with. Plus, our brilliant team hold a variety of different qualifications, ranging from advanced degrees to industry certifications. When you meet one of our talented staff members, you’ll be greeted with a high quality of confidence and a smile.

Live Phone Service

Working in healthcare requires constant vigilance. If a you experience an emergency with your nurse call system or other system from Comm-Tronics, then there’s no time to waste. Our emergency phone line connects you to a live person who can direct you to the right department for your problem. No matter what time of day, day of the week, or day of the year, our emergency hotline is open. Even on holidays or at 3 o’clock in the morning, we’ll be ready to offer your the quality service you need to get everything running smoothly again. This is just one of the many ways we strive to offer the best in service to our clients.


Comm-Tronics serves healthcare organizations in Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia and Delaware. We provide 24/7/365 services to our customers.

Our local, dedicated sales and service teams are available to assist with any communication or security system challenge you face. We’re here to help make your job easier.

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