How Door Access Control Protects Wandering Patients

door access control

Door access control ensures that patients only leave the building when safely accompanied.

Welcome back to the HYPHEN! Today, we’re exploring door access control and how it can prevent wandering patients from finding themselves in the middle of an unfortunate accident.

According to the National Alzheimer’s Association, nearly 60 percent of Alzheimer’s patients will wander and get lost. Of those 60 percent who wander and get lost, 46 percent who are lost for 24 hours or more will be discovered deceased. Patient wandering is a bleak reality, but these numbers can be decreased with the correct care. Door access systems are becoming increasingly intelligent and essential for elder care facilities. Here are just a few ways that an intelligent door access system can help you to keep your facility safer.

Selective Access

Door access control is more than just allowing certain people in and out of the building. Smart door access control can differentiate between staff members and residents. Certain staff members may only be allowed access to certain parts of the building, and resident movements can be restricted to designated areas  within  the building and selected outside areas unless accompanied by a supervisor. Doors can also be preset to lock and unlock at certain times. This means that patients are securely inside the building at night when there is less activity and free to explore the grounds during the day with supervision.

Event Management

Events are an excellent way to create a fun atmosphere for residents. Having a regular schedule of events makes an elder care facility a much more enjoyable place to live. However, the excitement of an event and break from the regular schedule can mean that logistically, residents may be harder to keep track of during these special events. Things are harder to keep an eye on. It is during times like these that door access systems are particularly useful. You can schedule certain doors to lock at certain times before the event even begins. The less time staff and administration spend having to worry about eloping residents, the more time they can focus on the wellbeing of residents and maximizing the enjoyment they derive out of events that deviate from day-to-day scheduled activities.


Our door access systems are not simply an isolated system; they are easily integrated and can  work seamlessly with other systems within the elder care facility environment. CCTV, two-way radio, parking lot, patient wandering systems, and elevator technology can all be integrated into a facility-wide door access and security system for maximum coverage and safety, not only for the residents, but staff as well. Plus, since door access systems are web-based, they can be accessed on a connected device from any location. An integrated, web-based system allows for more control, stepped or multi-layered  security protocols, resulting in improved security facility wide and decreased rates of patient wandering. This extra layer of safety assures the families of residents that their loved ones will be safe and well cared for in situations where they are not always able to care for themselves.  

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