Emergency Alerting: Eight Reasons Your Staff Needs Emergency Buttons on their Badges

emergency alerting

Emergency alerting ensures that healthcare workers are safe, no matter where they are.

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Today, we would like to discuss a safety measure that healthcare organizations across the care continuum are embracing to help safeguard their staff and employees against possible violent circumstances. On-badge emergency alerting is an easy-to-implement and easy-to-use technology. ID badges can be equipped with a pushbutton, interfaced to the nurse call or other notification system, that makes it easy for doctors, nurses, clinicians, therapists, administrative personnel and others to activate in the event of a problem. These battery-operated badges can be initiated discretely to notify safety and security personnel of an impending situation.

The Key Benefits of On-Badge Emergency Alerting

In a study by Trinitas Regional Medical Center (Health Facilities Magazine, January 6, 2016), John Dougherty, Security Director said that “installing the system was about improving safety.”

Eight key benefits of using an on-badge emergency alerting button in your healthcare facility:

  1. Designated staff members wear an assigned badge so, with a simple push of the button, silently calls for assistance while pinpointing the wearer’s exact location in your building.
  2. Improves employee morale, safety and peace-of-mind by knowing assistance is a push button away.
  3. Discrete alerting for assistance helps to reduce incident escalation.
  4. Can reduce severity of workplace violence due to its immediate notification and quicker response times.
  5. Can reduce the number of lost work days and employee turnover associated with workplace violence incidences.
  6. Sends a clear message to employees that your organization cares about their safety and security while on the job.
  7. Meets Joint Commission requirements for a safe workplace.
  8. Meets OSHA recommendations enabling healthcare staff to contact additional staff or security for assistance.

Healthcare workers are more likely to experience workplace violence than most other industries. An on-badge emergency alert button is one of the technologies our healthcare customers are implementing to help decrease violent incidents and improve staff safety and satisfaction. Comm-Tronics would like to work with you to find the right solution to the safety and security concerns of your facility.  We’re here to make your job easier.

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