Future Proof Your Nurse Call Investment

future proof your nurse call

A nurse call system from West-Com ensures that you’re working at your best, now and in the future.

Hospitals with West-Com nurse call systems enjoy many advantages designed to protect and future proof their nurse call investment. West-Com listens to nurses, care providers, facilities, bio-medical, clinical engineering and IT professionals to ensure the company understands the dynamic challenges these healthcare workers face daily. As a result, West-Com has learned how important it is to be sure that customers maximize their investments in their nurse call systems by future proofing them. So, how does West-Com future proof your nurse call investment?

Future Proof Your Nurse Call with West-Com

West-Com has never sent an End of Life notification letter because West-Com has never abandoned a nurse call customer. Since 1983, West-Com has ensured interoperability within the West-Com family of call systems so customers can keep pace with regulatory changes and industry initiatives at an affordable price. Although technology moves on, West-Com customers are never left behind.

West-Com offers their nurse call customers free, unlimited technical training at their Fairfield, California offices for the life of their products. Customers pay for transportation and lodging and West-Com provides the classroom, instructor, training materials, luncheons and content specific training at no cost. West-Com end-user technical training classes are scheduled throughout the year so customers can plan in advance to attend and keep their people informed and educated about the operation of their nurse call systems.

West-Com customers are not charged recurring licensing or software fees on West-Com manufactured products. Many nurse call manufacturers lock customers into recurring annual fees that result in paying for their nurse call systems many times over. With West-Com, customers pay for their system one time…without any end of year surprises. Ever.

One system, free training, no recurring fees. These are just three examples of how West-Com protects and  future proofs their nurse call systems so customers can receive the very best investment over the lifespan of their system. For more information on West-Com Nurse Call Systems, please contact Michael R. Crider at mikec@comm-tronics.net.

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