How Nurse Call Contributes to Purposeful Rounding

purposeful rounding

A nurse call system integrated with RTLS can help nurses with purposeful rounding.

Today in the HYPHEN blog, we’re discussing something that’s fundamental to the quality of life experienced by residents in any elder care facility: purposeful rounding.

Purposeful rounding, also known as mindful rounding or intentional rounding, aims to improve the consistency of nurse visits to residents through the use of a structured schedule. Oftentimes this is an hourly schedule, but there are times when nurses get sidetracked with other tasks and fall away from their hourly rounding schedule. It’s easy to get pulled away by other responsibilities. However, when this happens, it is detrimental to the quality of care provided to residents, especially those who need to be given medication or turned to prevent bed sores. To prevent this sort of event from occurring, many elder care facilities are turning to advanced nurse call systems to provide extra structure and relieve overworked caretakers from being pulled in three different directions at once.

How a Nurse Call System Provides Structure

Nurse call is essential for when a resident feels they need assistance immediately. However, nurse call can work in tandem with purposeful rounding to limit the amount of needless pushes of the call button. It works like this: if a resident knows that their nurse will be coming by at a certain time, they’re more likely to wait for the nurse to come rather than push the call button for immediate assistance. However, this only works if nurses are able to stick to their rounding schedule. Nurse call helps with this.

A modern nurse call system  with integrated RTLS helps keep nurses on schedule by sending reminders to handheld devices to let them know when it’s time to move onto the next task. This helps nurses to limit the amount of time spent on each task and get to each resident on time. And with the call button being pressed less frequently by residents, nurses are able to make their rounds more efficiently and without being drawn away needlessly.

The study, “Barriers Encountered by Nurses and Nursing Assistants that Prevent Purposeful Rounding”, done by the University of San Francisco in 2015 found that one of the biggest hindrances to purposeful rounding was a lack of communication between RNs and NAs. The handheld devices that are a part of modern nurse call systems function much like smartphones. The advanced technology makes it easier for RNs and NAs to communicate more frequently. This is another way that an up-to-date nurse call system can streamline rounding.


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