Product Spotlight: i-Dome Touch

i-Dome Touch

The i-Dome Touch provides several innovative functions that help to maximize efficiency in the healthcare setting.

At Comm-Tronics, we choose the highest quality healthcare equipment and combine them with our world-class 24/7/365 customer service. This week, we’d like to put a spotlight on a product that can benefit many healthcare providers: the i-Dome Touch from West-Com Nurse Call Systems.

i-Dome Touch Features

The i-Dome Touch features an easy-to-use touchscreen that can be configured to display patient and/or room status. It also aids in staff-to-staff communication, including interfaces for EHR, transportation, EVS, Rapid Response, code teams, and much more. Timers for automatic notifications along with customizable colors and icons makes the i-Dome Touch user-friendly and easy for staff to view and configure for various purposes. A multi-layer task selection on the touchscreen makes it simple to send requests for specific rooms, saving staff valuable time during rounding. The i-Dome Touch, located just outside the patient’s room, can operate as a stand-alone appliance or integrate into the hospital’s EHR and nurse call system.

Merging Clinical and Executive Initiatives

Healthcare facilities that are looking to close the gap between clinical operations and executive goals have to look no further. There are three ways that the i-Dome Touch makes a difference to executives who manage operations and clinical staff working on day-to-day routines:

  • Patient Flow: The i-Dome Touch connects a facility’s Admissions, Transfers and Discharge functions. Having these functions connected through one device means that room status, patient support services, and equipment requests can all be attended to in a timely manner.
  • Workflow: Rounding and reminder timers help to streamline the daily processes of a healthcare facility, including equipment requests, orders, transportation, and general maintenance. Room turnaround is also improved by communicating to EVS and Admissions when a room moves from Discharge to Patient-Ready.
  • Quality of Care: Customizable status and patient attributes make it easy to further quality care initiatives, such as fall and wound prevention. Rounding timers and alert notifications also help to keep track of pain reassessment and bathroom assistance, which are the two most commonly requested services.

The West-Com i-Dome Touch can help bridge the gap between clinical operations and executive goals while improving workflow processes and patient satisfaction.

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