Selecting a Sustainable Nurse Call System

sustainable nurse call

A sustainable nurse call system will serve you reliably for long into the future.

Are you searching for a new nurse call system? Installing a new nurse call system is a big investment. It’s important that a nurse call system be sustainable. The last thing a busy healthcare facility needs is to have to replace the nurse call system a mere few years after having purchased and installed one. Here are a few things to keep in mind while searching for a sustainable nurse call system.

Company History

The history of a company’s products will indicate the quality of their current offerings. When considering a nurse call provider, look at their older products. Have they sent End-of-Life letters for past systems? Do they offer innovative upgrades for current systems? Offering upgrades creates a sustainable nurse call system, rather than a system that has to be unexpectedly replaced. Be sure to also carefully inspect the type and number of upgrades that the new system has undergone.

Hidden Fees

Be sure to ask about fees before purchasing a new nurse call system. A company may offer great upgrades, but the upgrades may come with a fee that you won’t know about unless you specifically ask. An important part of a sustainable nurse call system is that it is monetarily sustainable.


Ask if training is provided whenever there is an upgrade. It’s important for all staff members to be up-to-date on any technology they will need to use. There may be fees associated with training, so be sure to ask about that as well.

Phone Support

A sustainable nurse call system will have remote phone support, which helps issues to be solved in a timely manner as well as keeps maintenance costs down. Before making a purchase, ask for the manufacturer’s number and call them to ask about support protocols and availability. This is a great way to test out the support system before you actually need it in a pinch.

Local Support

Local support is also a very important aspect of a sustainable nurse call system. When there’s an emergency, you may need someone on site quickly. A company that can provide fast local support will give you the advantage of less downtime if your system ever needs maintenance or repair. Ask the local vendor about their location, technician certifications, response times, parts inventory and business management. And don’t forget to check at least three references for their service and repair history with real customers.


It doesn’t matter how future proof a nurse call system is if it is dependent on other people’s applications to function. If your nurse call vendor and your middleware vendor aren’t working in tandem, it could spell big trouble for your facility. A change to the nurse call system or a modification from the middleware vendor could create a disparity that renders your nurse call system inoperable. Also, middleware companies often charge their own recurring fees. Find out in advance. If at all possible, you may want to avoid the uncertainties of purchasing a nurse call system that relies on middleware.

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