As a long-time solutions provider to the healthcare industry, Comm-Tronics has witnessed firsthand the advances in integrated communication and security systems in Elder Care residential facilities.  For the purposes of this article, we are focusing today on some technology systems that help improve the quality of care and safety of vulnerable elder residents.  If you need assistance in determining whether your facility has the capabilities referred to in this article, now may be the right time to speak with us.

1.     Centralized Communication

A nurse call communication system should incorporate in room safety and emergency alerts, mobile notification for nursing staff, visible call lights (sometimes disguised as wall sconces) and a centralized hub where assistance calls are constantly monitored and routed for effective and efficient staff responses to calls for assistance.

2.     Bath Safety

Bathroom “call help” devices are a must.  If an elderly resident falls or becomes ill, these devices will make sure residents can call for help from behind closed doors.

3.     Resident Wandering System

We have all heard the stories – a senior becomes confused and wanders away from their care facility resulting in injury or death.  A wearable pendant device provides safety and security without undue restrictions on movement.  Residents experience the freedom of being able to move about inside and outside of the facility without restricting their independence.  These pendant devices, worn around the neck or wrist, can be programmed to sound an alert at the master station when the wearer needs help.  Additionally, an auto alert can be triggered when a resident gets too far from a receiver to “see” the device.  These alerts will have help on the way quickly if help is required, and institute a pro-active series of actions defined by the facility that can assist in the safe recovery of vulnerable residents at risk of wandering before a tragedy occurs.

4.     Integrated Security

Many systems can be integrated to work as one to improve the overall safety and security of Elder Care Residents.  Systems like two-way radios, resident wandering, RTLS, access door control, video surveillance, and perhaps even outdoor emergency call boxes that are integrated into a centralized security system.

5.     Proximity Alerts for at Risk Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

In some cases, resident wandering systems can be programmed to trigger a door lock for those most vulnerable.  Residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia who may become easily confused or lost can be cared for with an extra layer of security so that they are not exposed to situations in which they could be hurt or lost without completely restricting their movements.  The wearable device will activate when a designated resident gets too close to a restricted door or area.  Once triggered, the locking mechanism will engage and keep those most at risk from wandering outside of designated safe areas until they move a safe distance away from the proximity-triggering device.

6.     Local, Knowledgeable, Reliable Service and Support

The best technologies in the industry are only as good as the company that executes their installation and then provides ongoing service and support.  Our customers have explained that one of the many reasons they choose Comm-Tronics to be their technology partner, is because they know we will be there when they need us, 24/7/365.  Additionally, proper calibration and ongoing maintenance of systems are just as important to the health, welfare, and safety of elder care residents as having the proper systems installed.  Make sure technology providers offer a locally based comprehensive systems maintenance program in order to keep these systems performing at optimal levels.

Placing a beloved family member in any kind of assisted living facility can be difficult for decision makers.  There are many resources to help determine which kind of facility is best for an older relative who needs special care.  Articles like the one linked below from AARP can help with everyday decision making.


Caregiving Resource Center:


However, articles like this one do not go into the bits and bytes of the technologies that are available to make sure elder residents are provided the freedom and independence they need while ensuring their safety and security.  Reaching out to a local healthcare technology provider like Comm-Tronics can help facilities demonstrate that they are capable of providing the best in care to the residents that call elder care facilities home.


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