Video Surveillance Plays a Vital Role in Healthcare

Today, video surveillance technology plays many roles in a safe and secure healthcare facility.

Today, video surveillance technology plays many roles in a safe and secure healthcare facility.

Every healthcare facility, whether elder care or a public hospital, take precautions to ensure patients, staff, residents, and visitors are safe. Hands are washed, forms are filled-out, tools get sterilized, identities are verified, passwords protected, and a security plan is put in place. Today, video surveillance technology plays many roles in a safe and secure healthcare facility.

Protect Patient and Resident Information

The confidentiality of protected health information is more important than ever, and healthcare providers are required to adhere to HIPAA (and many other) regulatory guidelines. Maintaining the confidentiality of patient and resident medical information can be a challenge for any healthcare organization. Video surveillance is often implemented in medical record storage areas to see and document who enters and exits these areas. In the event unauthorized people approach, security personnel can be notified and dispatched to investigate.

Monitor Safety and Workflow

Healthcare facilities need to meet rigid safety standards in order to protect their patients, staff, residents, and visitors while simultaneously maintaining an efficient workflow. Video surveillance is a reliable method to ensure that organizational standards and work processes are being met and maintained. In this context, video security technology is used to help protect the organization’s people, processes, and bottom line.

Protect Controlled Substances

Every healthcare facility has controlled substances on premise. Aside from the current opioid epidemic, there is high demand for many prescription medications. It has become common practice to utilize video surveillance to protect controlled substances in healthcare facilities. Even the most basic video surveillance system can serve to record, document and deter the mishandling and burglary of these essential products.

Prevent Loss of Assets

Healthcare facilities have expensive supplies and medical equipment on premise. Unfortunately, people steal healthcare equipment and supplies to resell or use themselves. Video surveillance can serve two functions: (1) to deter thieves and (2) to record and document, for litigation purposes, when it does occur. In order to help protect assets and keep healthcare facilities safe from looters and thieves (in addition to cutting costs), video surveillance plays a vital role in today’s healthcare environment.

Abduction and Wandering

As part of an overall security plan, video surveillance can help to protect an organization’s most vulnerable people: infants and the elderly. Video security can be integrated with most resident wandering and baby abduction systems in order to provide actual images of those who wander into unauthorized areas or carry infants beyond approved boundaries.

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