The West-Com Elite Pillow Speaker: the Economical Choice for Healthcare Facilities

West-Com Elite pillow speaker

The high quality of the West-Com Elite pillow speaker will save your facility money over time.

The pillow speaker is the primary device a patient utilizes to communicate with the nurse. In our last blog, we discussed how the West-Com Elite pillow speaker is specially designed for patient comfort and safety. However, when purchasing a new nurse call system, it’s also important to keep in mind the bottom line. We love the West-Com Elite pillow speaker because not only does it take patient comfort and safety into consideration, but it is also designed for longevity and sustainability for the hospital. The device is sturdy enough to withstand vigorous daily use and is easy to service, which saves your facility from unnecessary time and expenses. Read on to learn more about why the West-Com Elite pillow speaker is our pillow speaker of choice.


What sets the West-Com Elite pillow speaker apart from competing brands is that it offers customization for your facility’s particular needs.

  • A 10 function capability gives patients easy control of up to ten functions, including television, room lights, curtains, toilet, pain med, water, ice, and many more.
  • Stereo or mono ear jacks can be incorporated. Even if you wish to add a stereo or mono jack after installation, the standard circuitry on every pillow speaker makes it easy to implement.
  • Optional cable lengths make it easy to tailor the cable according to the specific needs of your facility.
  • Break-away adapters can be included to protect the patient station from expensive damages in the event of an improper disconnect.

Durability and Cleanliness

Concerned about the wear and tear of daily use that often leads to early pillow speaker replacement? West-Com has taken this into consideration with the design of their Elite pillow speaker.

  • The pillow speaker housing is easily opened for troubleshooting without destroying the front cover overlay.
  • There is a minimal number of components inside to keep spare part inventories simple and affordable.
  • A moisture-resistant speaker and protective foam make the pillow speaker durable and perfect for rough patient use.
  • The design is resistant to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), eliminating the chances of an electrical short.
  • The case texture and special colorant used in the design of the pillow speaker make it more resistant to signs of wear and tear, so even with vigorous use, they’ll still look like new.
  • The cable is slim and flexible to reduce cracking and wire damage in order to extend the life of the pillow speaker.

Comm-Tronics is so confident that the West-Com Elite pillow speaker is superior to all others that we are willing to provide a FREE unit to your hospital, regardless of which nurse call manufacturer you use. Just contact us for details on how to receive your FREE unit.

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