The West-Com In-Room Patient CareBoard

west-com patient careboard

A great solution for easy and open communications between family members and healthcare staff is the West-Com Patient CareBoard.

The involvement of a patient’s family during a hospital stay can be both beneficial and complicated. Family support is vital when it comes to a patient’s care, and frequent visitations can help keep the patient under a more watchful eye.  However, it’s not always easy to explain to loved ones the processes and procedures of health care. And there is always the risk of a miscommunication. A great solution for easy and open communications between family members and healthcare staff is the West-Com Patient CareBoard. Read on to see why this technology can help you improve the quality of care for patients, staff and family.


The Complications of Family Involvement


Family involvement is important. It greatly increases patient morale, it leads to more informed medical decisions, and it can even help prevent errors. The problem arises when keeping families informed becomes a complicated and time-consuming issue. The Joint Commission reports that over 70% of sentinel events are caused by miscommunications. The incredibly involved and complicated processes in healthcare can easily lead to a family member’s misunderstanding of directives, treatments, procedures, and activities. Were this exchange of information aided by clear communications, the organization could have a higher Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) scores.  But, how can you reach a high level of information and interaction?


The Basics of the Patient CareBoard


The West-Com Patient CareBoard is an in-room flat screen display that provides real-time information on patient status for both healthcare professionals and family members involved in a patient’s treatment and recovery. The Patient Cardboard’s template of information is completely customizable to suit the needs of your patients. Information about the patient’s daily schedule, assigned staff, nurse call activity, diet, medications, pain level, bed position, bed exit, EMR, ADT, and RTLS can all be included. Regardless of the nurse call manufacturer, the Patient CareBoard receives information through API or HL7 streams, processes it, and then displays it in real time. The board displays the information you wish. Along with the customizable template, the Patient CareBoard also comes with options that can also be adjusted for brightness, time, date, language, symbols, staff photos w/contact information, messaging, and even an automatic night-time mode to dim the display.


Long-Term Benefits


There’s more to the West-Com Patient CareBoard than just useful, immediately accessible information. In the long run, this technology can reduce the length of stays. It can result in positive, more satisfying patient outcomes. It can save time, trouble, and funds (with no recurring licensing fees when connected to a West-Com nurse call system). Experience a more financially sound communication option when you choose to work with West-Com’s Patient CareBoard.  Streamlined, clinical, engaging information provided by the West-Com Patient CareBoard is available to elder care, acute care, clinics, and surgery centers.  Call 800-759-7087 to learn more.


Comm-Tronics Improves Communication between Patient, Family and Caregiver.


Comm-Tronics serves healthcare organizations in Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC and Northern Virginia. Our local dedicated sales and service teams are available to assist with any communication or security challenge. Our goal is to help make your job a little easier. For more information on our services, give us a call at (800) 759-7087 or contact us online. For more healthcare tips, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.


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