We wanted to thank you for sending a wonderful technician. He was a pleasure to work with, addressed the problem with the nurse call system on 4C almost immediately, and was able to repair it.  We just wanted to let you know what a great guy he is.  Thank you.

Tina Olson-LevineEngineering Department Adventist HealthcareShady Grove Adventist Hospital

Benefits of having one of Comm-Tronics Intercom/Communication and Security systems installed to assist in improving overall facility communications and security:

  • Instantaneous communication, interior and exterior access points
  • Biologically safe
  • Easy to clean, reducing spread of infection
  • Contact nursing staff, housekeeping, biomed engineering, security, admissions, other departments as necessary
  • Integrates with many other security and clinical systems
  • Multiple configurations:
    • All call
    • Call forward
    • Group call
    • Priority call
  • Event log printer

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How will having a Comm-Tronics installed Intercom/Communication and Security system affect our facility?

  • Clean room communication capable
  • Event log printer
  • Digital display
  • Night transfer
  • Battery backup
  • Easy to clean, reducing spread of infection
  • Functions to over 7000 plus stations
  • Interface with two-way mobile radio, radio paging, telephone networks, voice messaging, programmed music and more
  • Supervised lines alert security to tampering, blown fuses or power outages
  • Emergency call boxes, indestructible, no moving parts, weather proof – 911 capable
  • Smart E.A.R (Electronic Audio Receptor) technology for increased security in camera/ security personnel inaccessible areas
  • Elevator system ADA compliant
  • Stages all calls in priority order and call-in levels
  • Integrates with door strikes, smoke detectors, strobes, alarms and more
  • Proactive/ongoing maintenance and support contracts available
  • Comm-Tronic’s reputation for service and maintenance

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How will selecting Comm-Tronics help improve facility communication and security?

  • Smart investment – more cost effective than other systems
  • Customizable to your facility/your clinic/your needs making the job easier
  • Integrates into most communication and security setups reducing costs
  • From front door to elevator and through restricted areas, communication and security can be consistent and unobtrusive
  • Clean room system reduces spread of infection
  • Easy to clean flat touch panel reduces spread of infection
  • Security enhancements help keep your staff and patients safe
  • Clear easy to understand private or group communication to medical or security staff across the facility keeps all staff sectors informed and aware
  • Safe, healthy facility environments can help increase patient satisfaction
  • Complimentary training and one year of service
  • Comm-Tronics 24/7/365 service and support
  • Proactive/ongoing maintenance and support contracts available

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Here are some of the most common technical specs for the Comm-Tronics clinic workflow system:

  • ADA Compliant, hands-free intercom system
  • Modular design, Each central expandable to 56 stations capacity in increments of 8, with unlimited expansion of stations reporting to master stations across multiple centrals
  • Capable of providing outputs to external systems (i.e.. strobes, beeper or Pocket page)
  • Can be interfaced with public address systems
  • Can be interfaced with two way radios
  • Can be interfaced with public telephone networks
  • Each station operates on two pair unshielded twisted pair (UTP) CAT5e or equal with RJ-45 connectors
  • Field programmable
  • System Power 27 VDC


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