I want to personally thank the technicians who were on site yesterday.  They were both professional and efficient.  Within a matter of hours, they diagnosed and repaired the issue, which has been haunting us for several months.  The emergency call system is now fully up to speed and operating properly.  Thanks for your resolution.

Richard M. Ludlow, MHSA, LNHA

Executive DirectorFort Washington Health Center

Benefits of having one of Comm-Tronics Intercom/Communication and Security systems installed to assist in improving overall facility communications and security:

  • Instantaneous communication, interior and exterior access points
  • Biologically safe
  • Easy to clean, reducing spread of infection
  • Contact nursing staff, housekeeping, biomed engineering, security, admissions, other departments as necessary
  • Integrates with many other security and clinical systems
  • Multiple configurations:
    • All call
    • Call forward
    • Group call
    • Priority call
  • Event log printer

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How will having a Comm-Tronics installed Intercom/Communication and Security system affect our facility?

  • Clean room communication capable
  • Event log printer
  • Digital display
  • Night transfer
  • Battery backup
  • Easy to clean, reducing spread of infection
  • Functions to over 7000 plus stations
  • Interface with two-way mobile radio, radio paging, telephone networks, voice messaging, programmed music and more
  • Supervised lines alert security to tampering, blown fuses or power outages
  • Emergency call boxes, indestructible, no moving parts, weather proof – 911 capable
  • Smart E.A.R (Electronic Audio Receptor) technology for increased security in camera/ security personnel inaccessible areas
  • Elevator system ADA compliant
  • Stages all calls in priority order and call-in levels
  • Integrates with door strikes, smoke detectors, strobes, alarms and more
  • Proactive/ongoing maintenance and support contracts available
  • Comm-Tronic’s reputation for service and maintenance

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How will selecting Comm-Tronics help improve facility communication and security?

  • Smart investment – more cost effective than other systems
  • Customizable to your facility/your clinic/your needs making the job easier
  • Integrates into most communication and security setups reducing costs
  • From front door to elevator and through restricted areas, communication and security can be consistent and unobtrusive
  • Clean room system reduces spread of infection
  • Easy to clean flat touch panel reduces spread of infection
  • Security enhancements help keep your staff and patients safe
  • Clear easy to understand private or group communication to medical or security staff across the facility keeps all staff sectors informed and aware
  • Safe, healthy facility environments can help increase patient satisfaction
  • Complimentary training and one year of service
  • Comm-Tronics 24/7/365 service and support
  • Proactive/ongoing maintenance and support contracts available

– Help us improve communication and security – (nurse call button)

Here are some of the most common technical specs for the Comm-Tronics clinic workflow system:

  • ADA Compliant, hands-free intercom system
  • Modular design, Each central expandable to 56 stations capacity in increments of 8, with unlimited expansion of stations reporting to master stations across multiple centrals
  • Capable of providing outputs to external systems (i.e.. strobes, beeper or Pocket page)
  • Can be interfaced with public address systems
  • Can be interfaced with two way radios
  • Can be interfaced with public telephone networks
  • Each station operates on two pair unshielded twisted pair (UTP) CAT5e or equal with RJ-45 connectors
  • Field programmable
  • System Power 27 VDC


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