Our People

D04_6127_Our employees are the foundation of our business operation and reputation.  These talented and conscientious individuals live, work and play in our local service area.  Aside from serving customers, our employees are dedicated to their families, community, church, school and local charities.

Because Comm-Tronics is local, our employees (and their families) support and patronize the very customers we serve.  They are the patients, residents and customers of our customers.  This provides our people with added incentive to be their best at every opportunity.  Our employees recognize and appreciate the patronage we receive from our local healthcare community.


Executive Team

Mike Crider


From sweeping floors to making executive decisions, I’ve done it all at Comm-Tronics in my 40+ years with the company. I’ve also been an unsung troubadour, hack skier and back-of-the-pack bicycle racer. My favorite word is quintessential. I love french fries and hate lima beans.


Dale Kelly

Vice President, Information Systems

Airforce Veteran and History Channel buff with a flash drive in my Kung Fu grip. I constantly battle cravings to read the “Memoirs of Dilbert” often.


Eric Shortt

Vice President of Sales

A Marine Corps veteran, husband and father of two kids, I live for the fun and laughter I enjoy with my family.


Rebecca Riggleman


Soccer Mom, bean counter, beach loving Raven’s fan.


Tami Jones

Inventory Manager

18+ years as women and children’s center volunteer. I love international travel, bling, and I am originally from North Dakota.


Tim Pasko

Director of Technical Services

In addition to my 23 years of low-voltage systems integration in the healthcare field, I am a die-hard Ravens fan. Go Ravens!


Solutions Team

Ray Grannas

Account Manager, Solutions Team

30 years’ experience in healthcare communications and security. I get gratification in finding the right solution for clients. “Let’s think outside the box together and we’ll find the best solution that works for you!”


Norm Shortt

Account Manager, Solutions Team

Veteran, USMC-10 years, father to 3 active duty military sons. Fantasy football and helping clients find the best solutions to their healthcare technology issues are my passions. Plus…I’m pretty.


Ashley C.

Account Manager, Solutions Team

My background is anthropology. I love to travel and learn new languages. I am always training for my next half marathon. And always looking for innovative methods to problem solving.


Office Team

Ann Booz

Accounting Assistant

I like to read cook-books, watch cooking shows and try new recipes. I read the Bible and try not to break my mini-dachshund’s heart by telling him he’s not a Doberman (he thinks he is).


Anna Parker

Administrative Assistant

Mother hen to the technical staff. I hunt down and gather their paperwork, make sure they get to where they have to go, and answer the service phones with a smile on my face, and a stress ball in my hand.


Technical Team

Randy Paik

Service Manager, Low Voltage Products

Hard working, loyal and dedicated 6’ Korean born in Kansas. I win for “most freaky things happening at work” – ask me about them sometime!


Dave Patterson

Service Manager, Wireless Products

Mike (owner) taught me everything I know…and I still don’t know nothing after 30 years of hanging around!


Rob P

Installation Manager

Working for the weekend

Romane T


I enjoy watching Big Bang Theory, reading sci-fi, and spending time with my kids. I’m originally from Jamaica and I can’t swim.

Stephen W

Systems Engineer/Technical Coordinator

I am a man.
I am of Chinese descent.
I am alive!

Jim S


Enjoy being at home, spending time and doing things with the kids.

Josh S


I aspire to be one of the greatest technicians here; and here is an amazing place to be…we are the best out there!

Joseph G


If I am onsite, you can rest assured that every little thing is going to be all right!

Andrew P


As a tech school graduate, I discovered that my real education started after joining the Comm-Tronics service team.

Jinsung L


I continue to learn and grow in order to serve my company and our customers with a high degree of skill and a humble mind.

Robert K


My colleagues at Comm-Tronics are exceptional, intelligent and smart. They are some of the brightest people I have ever worked with.

Henry C


Team player and hardworking family man who gets the job done no matter what the job might be. I love to travel, the outdoors and adventure.

Chris H


Gotta work hard to play hard.

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Our Commitment

Our employees are committed to continuing education in order to serve their customers better. To keep up-to-date on issues confronting the healthcare industry, many of our employees are active in the following organizations:

  • Chesapeake Area Society of Healthcare Engineering (CASHE)
  • Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)
  • International Society of Heathcare Security and Safety (IAHSS)
  • American Society for Heathcare Engineering (ASHE)
  • American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE)
  • American College of Healthcare Executives – CEO GROUP (ACHE-CEO)
  • Maryland Association of Healthcare Executives (MACHE)
  • National Capital Healthcare Executives (NCHE)
  • Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA)

Quick Staff Stats

Our Families



Our Education

The Details


We have a diversified staff with more than a few certifications. The following list is a collective of the certifications attained by various members of our talented staff.

  • IEEE Networking
  • Advanced Digital Electronics and Micro-Processing
  • HL-7 Integration for Healthcare
  • FCC General Class License
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Windows Server NT, 2003, 2012 Certification
  • SCO-Unix/Linux
  • NAS Storage Systems
  • USAF Computer Systems
  • US Navy Advanced Electronics
  • West-Com Nurse Call System Sales Certification
  • West-Com Nurse Call System Customer Centric Selling Certification
  • West-Com Nurse Call System Design & Lay-Out Certification
  • West-Com Nurse Call System Installation & Maintenance Certification
  • West-Com Nurse Call System Advanced Install and Service
  • Motorola RCR Level Certification
  • Motorola Professional Level Certification
  • Motorola Professional & Commercial Level Technical Associate
  • Sielox Certified Installation & Maintenance
  • HCI-TV Sales & Technical Training
  • RCare Nurse Call & Monitoring Certification
  • RCare Nurse Call Mobile Certification
  • RCare R-Cube Network Certification


Our staff is very talented with a broad knowledge base. Here are some of the degrees earned by our staff:

  • Johns Hopkins University
    • MLA
  • Loyola
    • BA – Business
  • Concordia College
    • BA – Dual degree:
      • International Relations and African History
      • French
  • North Dakota State University
    • Graduate Studies:
      • Political Science
      • Constitutional Law
  • Towson University
    • BS –
      • Mass Communication, Advertising and Marketing and;
      • Minor – Psychology
    • BS – Accounting
  • University of Baltimore
    • BA
  • University of Maryland Baltimore County
    • BA – Political Science
  • University of Arkansas, Little Rock
    • Graduate Studies and Certification – Mediation, Conflict Analysis and Management for Corporations
  • University of South Dakota
    • Masters Degree
    • AA – Applied Science – Electronics Engineering/Technology
  • CCBC
    • Technical Degree – Information Systems
  • CCBC Essex
    • AA – Computer Information Systems
  • Arundel Institute of Technology
    • AA – Electronics and Telecommunication
  • Capitol College
    • AAS – Electronics Engineering Technology


We all have family that we depend on, and that depend on us. Here are some of the reasons we do what we do:


20 girls
15 boys


11 girls
9 boys


Our interests are diverse
Camping- Winter and Summer

Floating (pool) with drink in hand
Spinning Tunes
Fantasy Football

Warrior Dash

Red Devil Tailgating
Raising money for charity
Diving, Wreck Diving and Underwater Rescue
Playing guitar, making music

Road Trips
Gadgets and Wizzy Wigs
Home Remodeling
Roller Skating
Goin’ downey oshun hon!
Sunning and swimming
Automobile Modification
Video Games


Baltimore Orioles
Baltimore Ravens
Maryland Terps
Steelers scum
Patriots cheaters