In room patient edu-tainment systems assists in improving HCAHP scores and achieving Triple Aim goals of reducing costs, improving the patient experience AND improving health. Here is how it works:

Tami, thank you for all that you do.  You and your team are always able to help with problems we are having.  You pick up broken pillow speakers in a timely manner which we appreciate and you deliver replacements in a timely manner!
Kathleen F. WallaceChild Life CoordinatorMedStar HealthGeorgetown University Hospital

Why a COMM-TRONICS installed patient television system can impact Triple Aim goals and help improve HCAHP scores:

  • Patient entertainment and education helps improve overall patient experience
  • Reduces non-clinical tasks by providing relevant content to patients and their families
  • Keep patients and families informed about hospital news, alerts and activities
  • Programming tailored to community health needs by hospital, floor or unit
  • Real-time clinical tools that survey, manage and document quality of care

A COMM-TRONICS installed patient television system can positively affect system management.

  • This is not just a TV; this is a hospital grade Android-based display
  • IP-based architecture delivers content via CAT-6 cable or wifi
  • Entertainment:  movies, cable channels, network television, internet, apps
  • Education:  health, fitness, treatment, pharmaceutical
  • Information:  hospital news, schedules, alerts, menus, gift shop, activities
  • Schedule or push text messages to patient rooms
  • Centralized programming
  • Comm-Tronics 24/7/365 local service and support


A COMM-TRONICS patient  television system can improve operations and help increase reimbursements.

  • Patient education is directly linked to reducing re-admissions
  • Tailored content can inform patients of measures they undertake at home to advance their own recovery and improve outcomes
  • Real time, in-room patient surveys designed to identify problems for corrective action prior to discharge
  • Ability to customize and brand specific hospital services and events
  • Comm-Tronics reputation for service and support

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