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Tami, thank you for all that you do.  You and your team are always able to help with problems we are having.  You pick up broken pillow speakers in a timely manner which we appreciate and you deliver replacements in a timely manner!
Kathleen F. WallaceChild Life CoordinatorMedStar HealthGeorgetown University Hospital

A Comm-Tronics installed in-room Patient CareBoard is a valuable tool to inform patients, family and staff regarding the patient’s care plan and events:

  • Information directly from your EMR system
  • Displays current staff assignments including caregiver photos
  • Displays patient contacts, diet, pain level, medications, etc.
  • Displays appointments, events and call button activation
  • Improves staff workflow and patient engagement
  • Conveniently presented on a wall-mounted flat screen display that automatically dims at night

A Comm-Tronics installed iDome Touch station improves staff workflow and patient safety:

  • iDome Touch is a powerful communication and collaboration tool
  • Small touch screen appliance installed outside the patient’s doorway for easy access and viewing
  • Set patient care reminders for rounding, medication reassessment, appointments, vitals, general prep, etc.
  • Assists staff with automatic notifications for EVS, transportation, labs, rapid response, codes, HAI, etc.
  • Stand alone or synchronized with the nurse call system
  • Configurable and customizable for many attributes and applications
  • Improves workflow, patient safety, multi-department communications, etc.

A Comm-Tronics installed Unit CareBoard displays dynamic and actionable information for your care providers to view at the central nurse’s station:

  • Replaces the old, static, handwritten, staff assignment grease board
  • Integrates with your EMR to automatically populate and display staff and patient information specifically for your nursing unit
  • Displays current patient and staff room assignments along with wireless device numbers
  • Displays room status: occupied, dirty, EVS, unoccupied, etc.
  • Displays patient status, bed compliance, active calls, patient attributes like gender, fall risk, NPO, DNR, etc.
  • Large flat screen display for easy and quick viewing

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