Nurse Call Acute Care

From basic to enhanced communication systems that improve patient satisfaction and help make your nurse’s jobs easier.

Thank you for sending your technician out to our nursing home.  What a professional employee and a great technician for finding the trouble we had in our call system.  Thank you for all your company has done for us.

Frank MillsDirector of Maintenance Crofton Care & Rehabilitation Center

A COMM-TRONICS installed nurse call system will allow caregivers to spend more time caring for patients.

  • Independently rated as easiest to use for caregivers
  • Can be configured to operate the way each nursing unit or facility prefers
  • Graphic display quickly identifies patient attributes:
  • Choice of audio or optical alerts help reduce alarm fatigue
  • Nighttime quiet mode for quality patient comfort and care
  • Call escalation and reminders
  • Customizable alerts:
    • Purposeful Rounding
    • Pain management
    • Pressure ulcer protocol
    • Fall risk
    • Room status
    • Or, program in custom patient/floor attributes
  • Track patient/staff ratios
  • EMR interface reduces data duplication errors and personalizes patient experience
  • Clinical alarm interface
  • Activity reports to improve patient satisfaction


A COMM-TRONICS installed nurse call system is a powerful and reliable tool for collecting information and improving patient-to-staff communication.

  • Compatible with all bed and head-wall manufacturers
  • Analog, digital or VoIP architecture
  • Bidirectional interfaces for RTLS, asset management, wireless phones, wifi, telemetry, ADT, EMR, Cerner, Epic, etc.
  • Optically isolated devices to protect against surges
  • No recurring software fees
  • 24/7/365 local maintenance, service and support
  • Made in USA with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Tuition free training at manufacturer location for the life of the system

Selecting COMM-TRONICS to provide your nurse call system can positively affect your organization’s bottom line.

  • Epic and Cerner tested for increased enterprise utilization
  • Exceeds UL 1069 and Joint Commission standards
  • Management reporting for improved HCAHP scores
  • Assists management in making decisions on staff census, scheduling, efficiency, budgeting and staff retention efforts
  • Sustainable architecture for reduction of lifetime costs; forward and backward compatible for extended lifespan
  • 24/7/365 local service and support
  • Made in USA


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