Distributed voice, alarms and announcements for emergency communications and code compliance.

I would like to thank Comm-Tronics for the great response time, help and support on our nurse call systems…especially Randy and Steve, who always go that extra mile.  Thanks, too, to Mike for his help and support.  And last thanks to Anna for taking care of the service calls and Ann for dealing with me calling her Anna.

Robert R. DodsonPlant OperationsWashington Adventist Hospital

A COMM-TRONICS voice communication system should be an integral part of your facility’s security plan.

  • Enterprise-wide voice announcements for disaster, law enforcement, weather emergencies and other critical communication announcements
  • Voice systems provide notification and instructions in the event of a crisis
  • Voice systems prompt staff to react in the most appropriate manner when seconds count
  • Pre-programmed messages can be staged, stored and announced locally for specific situations, removing human error
  • Voice announcements can be programmed in zones, buildings or facility-wide
  • Voice systems meet code compliance requirements

A COMM-TRONICS installed voice system can assist your facility with broad based communication challenges.

  • Public address, distributed sound, intercoms, e-call, etc.
  • Flexible and scalable to meet changing needs of healthcare
  • Centralized or decentralized architecture
  • Engineered redundancies to reduce systems failures and outages
  • Upgrade, expand and manage system in highly adaptive environment of changing regulations
  • Comm-Tronics local 24/7/365 service and support

A COMM-TRONICS installed voice and communication system make your facility communications more effective.

  • Future proof – equipment is flexible and scalable to meet facility’s needs, today and tomorrow saving you money and time
  • Meets standards and codes today and into the future for long term sustainability
  • Voice and intercom systems are the most effective method to quickly communicate with staff, patients and visitors regarding emergency situations
  • Improved disaster preparedness, meeting or exceeding code requirements
  • Voice communication systems can be designed for a floor, building or multiple buildings

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