A picture is worth a thousand words.

Mr. Crider, I want to drop you a note of thanks.  During my 12 years in Healthcare Security, I’ve yet to come across a group of people like you have there.  Sometimes I feel like part of the company with the way your staff includes me in the issues and resolutions.  Over the years, your company has always been foremost in my mind when an issue arises. Either as a ‘go-to’ solution for a problem or as a ‘wish I could get Comm-Tronics in here for this’. 

This was solidified in my mind last week when you threw in a lot of resources to fix our video software issues.  The issues were resolved with no loss of video and no noticeable interruption.  This is just one example, and I think it goes not only to the dedication of your staff, but the climate that your leadership creates.  It’s not just one or two people [in your organization that genuinely seem to have a drive to succeed in facing some of the challenges that come from this line of work, but it seems like it’s the norm in your business.  Thanks for being there as a company and as a supporter of our field.

Dave AlmondSecurity Operations Manager St. Agnes Hospital

A COMM-TRONICS installed video surveillance system extends the reach of your security team.

  • Digital and IP systems are scalable from 1-1000 cameras
  • Management from a command center —- one facility or multiple locations
  • High-pixel, day/night cameras improve identification of individuals and events
  • Secure on-site or remote web-based access and monitoring
  • Integrated into complimentary security systems, i.e., access control, fire, infant abduction, resident wandering, parking, etc.
  • Improves patient, staff and visitor satisfaction through increased security presence

A COMM-TRONICS installed video surveillance system should be an integral part of your security plan.

  • Monitor your secure mechanical and IT areas for visual confirmation of entry and egress
  • IP-based video systems can be accessed on-site or over the net
  • Digital and IP systems are scalable from 1-1000 cameras
  • Integrate video images with other systems for enhanced enterprise operations
  • Comm-Tronics 24/7/365 local service and support

A COMM-TRONICS video surveillance system can help protect your patients, staff, visitors and property.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words
  • Video evidence reduces legal fees and time spent in court
  • Deterrent to bad guys and others with criminal intent
  • Increase security in restricted areas:  pharmacy, drug cabinets, nuclear medicine, patient records, materials management, loading dock and other sensitive areas
  • Video systems are scalable; single camera to enterprise-wide solutions

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