Hello and welcome to the HYPHEN!

This is our inaugural healthcare issues blog and we are happy you have decided to join us!

Content for the HYPHEN will be the primary responsibility of the marketing department at Comm-Tronics.  However, there may be content contributors from IT, service, leadership and other members of the company.  From time-to-time we will also feature guest bloggers from our healthcare clients and manufacturing partners.

The goal of this blog is to inform, educate and occasionally entertain.  We hope to provide industry information related to technology and the role it plays in today’s healthcare environment.  Will there be an occasional sales pitch?  Probably, Comm-Tronics is a business and we have to keep the lights on and the coffee hot especially for the guys in the service department that are on call.

If there are topics you would like to see explored or explained as it relates to technology and healthcare, please let us know – this blog is as much yours as it is ours.  You will find a link for just that purpose at the bottom of each blog post.  Also, please feel free to share our page with your colleagues and fellow healthcare professionals using the social media links at the end of each post.  Without further ado, here is our inaugural blog post on Nurse Call Systems: